Current dishes

This list will constantly be updated, repeats are welcomed but we want there to be a variety as well.

Fellowship Nashville Staff - Martin’s BBQ (10lbs), Plates, Eating Utensils, Cups, Napkins, Lemonade, Water, & Chips!

The Eglis - Peach Crisp

Stephanie Richardson - Mac & Cheese

The O’Connors - Pasta Salad & Cookies

The Harveys - Grape Nut Pudding & Sweet Kale Salad

The Mukris - Yeast Rolls

Dianna Olson - Bean Salad & Rhubarb Pie

The McNabbs - Cookies & Mexican Street Corn Salad

The Harrisons - Buffalo Chicken Dip & Chips

Sarah Covert - Mac & Cheese

The Eagles - Green Bean Casserole & Banana Pudding

John Dansby - Brownies

The Burnettes - Watermelon and Spinach Dip

Becca Traxler - Ham & Cheese Sliders

The Denbys - Mandarin Orange Salad

Natalie Locke - Veggie Tray & Bars

Misty Holladay - Baked Beans & Cookies


What dish will you bring?

Bring your specialty dish or just pick something up from the grocery store or favorite restaurant! Quantity doesn’t matter, it’s the sharing that counts. Be sure to note common ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. Food will also be set up in the cafeteria downstairs (Elementary Room) so there will be outlets for those bringing crockpot meals. Please bring appropriate serving utensils for your dish. Plates, napkins, plasticware, and drinks will be provided by the church.

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