As our church studied through the book of Acts together in 2018, one of the consistent themes that bubbled to the surface was the radical generosity of the early church. As needs were made known, the church body mobilized their resources to help meet them. Our Sharing Board gives us the opportunity to follow in their footsteps by sharing both our needs and our God-given resources! Thank you for taking time to explore these needs and prayerfully consider how you can be the hands and feet of Jesus to someone in our community. If you want to submit a need, you can do so here or fill out a card on Sunday and hang it on the Sharing Board beside the Connect Point.

Current Needs

Stasi Egli, Submitted 7/24/19
My little sister, Sarah, is moving to Nashville at the beginning of September to work at Vanderbilt Children's! She's looking for a roommate and a place to live. She's 28 and has a dog, so if you know of any women looking for a roommate, please contact Stasi.

General, Submitted 7/1/19
A 23-year-old woman is moving to Nashville in the beginning of August to start an accelerated nursing program through Belmont. She is who's hoping to find a family with an open room to rent. If you are interested in connecting with her to discussing housing or you have any potential avenues, contact Tay.

Molly O’Connor, Submitted 5/17/19
Steffen Weil (the pastor of the German church mittendrin that we support) is looking to bring his sons to the US in October to let them experience American churches. As this cost will be high, he is looking for financial help. If anyone has any airline miles they would like to donate, he would be so appreciative!! Contact Molly, if you’d like to help support this cause!

Natalie Locke, Submitted 5/14/19
I am currently looking for a used car. My car is on its last straw and I am beginning my search. If anyone knows of places to look that are reputable or of people selling there car please let me know. Contact Natalie, if you have any information!