Being known is of vital importance in the life of a middle school student. The purpose behind FSM Nash is to meet that need by investing in the lives of our students, digging into the scriptures, and putting our faith into practice in our daily lives. Our hope and prayer is to cultivate these relationships as we pursue the most important relationship, our relationship with our savior, Jesus Christ. Students meet every Wednesday in the12 South neighborhood.

6PM |1403 Linden Ave, Nashville, TN 37212


10 things you need to know about FSM:

10. Mr. Levi was followed by Jk Rowling on twitter for less than 1 minute.

9. We are brothers and sisters in Christ which makes us family. This is a safe place.

8. Mr. Zach thinks Mace Windu could beat Yoda 1 v 1. Mr. Levi disagrees.

7. There is no such thing as a stupid question. Curiosity is good and vital to spiritual growth.

6. Mr. Daniel will CRUSH you as DK in Smash Bros 64. He’s unstoppable.

5. This is not a replacement for church. Time with our “whole” family is important.

4. Mrs. Corrie always leaves something behind…unless it’s a challenge.

3. Everyone in this room is made in Gods image and has value.

2. Miss Chelsea is the greatest baker of all time forever and ever amen.

1. Everyone is welcome.



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